„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
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Expressive Arts in Development

Expand means to open, to expand, to grow, and is connected with motion
and change.

The Expressive Arts Institute Berlin develops learning formats for adults,
in which sensual and expressive, artistic, action-oriented and discursive intellectual processes meet and correspond with each other in many ways.

We think that these different approaches to ourselves and to the surrounding reality are equally relevant, complementary and necessary for a vibrant and healthy development both of individuals and of businesses and social communities.

We see development as a process, in which these various forms of knowledge in their interaction bring forth new qualities. The core is the artistic process: it cannot only be thought of or not only be taught: it needs to be lived through! The artistic process establishes new dynamic connections between mental, emotional, spiritual and social skills and
builds resources to solve problems and to overcome crisis.

Our approach is

  • Systemic, which means based on the dynamics and interactions of influencing factors in the context

  • Phenomenological, which means based on the essence of experience in the consciousness of every individual

  • Art-based, which means based on creative expression and the process of shaping

Expand means as well to continue to generate new knowledge about the potential of art as a Change Agent. The Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
is dedicated to this task in research, teaching and practice within the partnership and exchange of the global network of cooperating
educational institutions and universities.

Based on the approaches from psychology, medicine, phenomenology, sociology and art theory, interdisciplinary knowledge is merged and combined with application-oriented empirical research. In the dialectical interplay of these research models, new insights into the dynamics of creativity as an individual, social and cultural resource emerge.


Art touches the past and the present and builds renewing bridges to reality.