„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
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The formal entry requirements to the Masters Program are regulated by the University The European Graduate School EGS on the basis of the accreditation and licensing by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Malta. Students who intend a Masters Degree must, additionally to the application at the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin, submit their application and registration formally at the European Graduate School. This usually happens after having finished Module K in Berlin and before participating in the first Summer school at the EGS.

Our students granted acceptance into the Masters Program of the University The European Graduate School on the basis of an admission interview and a letter of recommendation from the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin. The letter of recommendation and the approval of the application by the Expressive Arts Institute in Berlin must be accompanied by the required documents of the University The European Graduate School EGS.


Applicants are admitted into the Expressive Arts Master training program on the basis of their previous academic training, qualification and professional experience.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree (BA, BFA, BSW, etc.)
Bachelor Waiver: In exceptional cases, this Access Exam offers applicants without a Bachelor´s Degree or its equivalent an opportunity to study at this institution in programs leading to a Masters Degree. The European Graduate School regulates the access procedure.

Admission process

Applications will be accepted and evaluated throughout the year. These include the application form and the admission interview. Admission to the Master's program is confirmed in writing by the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin by a letter of recommendation. Only complete applications will be processed.



Application Form