„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
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Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy

The Expressive Arts Institute is a contracted course providing Partner Institute of the University The European Graduate School EGS in Switzerland and offers in cooperation with the EGS the Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in psychology (M.A.), a unique comprehensive artistic, practical and theoretical academic training.
The Masters Program is designed as modularized part-time training in intensive weekend seminars in Berlin and summer residencies at the EGS Switzerland.

Module K Intermodal Art is the foundation Module for all Expressive Arts areas and can be taken by participants with interest in a Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Coaching and Consulting (M.A.) and Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Peace Building and Conflict Transformation (M.A.).

Certificate Expressive Arts

The Certificate Expressive Arts is designed as Continuing Education for professionals who wish to widen their perspectives through the use of the Arts. The Certificate trains and enables them to integrate Expressive Arts methods in their daily work.

Certificate Intercultural Training- Exploring Humanity through the Arts

This Certificate Intercultural Training conveys on the base of Expressive Arts essential experiences and creates the prerequisites for the process of becoming aware of the parallelism between the creative process and the humanitarian act.

This training is designed for people in international development cooperation, in intercultural cooperation of groups and teams, mediators in social work and people working in multinational and multi-religious contexts.

Method Specific Individual Training

Supervision and mentorship are the conceptual foundations for the methods related individual training. It is aimed at reflecting and supporting the professional role and development.

Target group

Music Therapists, Creative Therapists, Eurhythmics Teacher, Expressive Arts professionals, other related professionals

In-house Supervision

Sometimes challenging dynamics demand a second look from the outside and a professional feedback on a concrete situation. In-house Supervision is a highly effective format that combines the reflection of the work with the concrete action observation. The observation in the concrete context allows seeing and including non-verbal interactions in the process. Thus, the perception of influencing factors and feedbacks circles in therapeutic or educational relationship and setting broadens. In-house Supervision is a three-step format:

  • Preliminary meeting for the supervision focus
  • In-house attendance and observation
  • Follow up meeting and harvesting

Time frame

Preliminary and follow-up meetings each last 60 minutes. In-house visit varies in length depending on the directions and duration of observation.

Target group

Music Therapists, Creative Therapists, Eurhythmics Teacher, Music Teacher and other related professionals

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„Jeder Mensch
 ist ein Künstler.“
Joseph Beuys

„Kunst gibt nicht
das Sichtbare wieder,
sondern macht sichtbar.“
Paul Klee

„In der Kunst fällt der
Mensch aus seiner Form.“
Paolo Knill

„Die vitalen Energien
der Phantasie arbeiten
nicht willkürlich.
Sie sind Quellen,
nicht Apparatur.“
David Gwilym James

„Kunst ist der Aufbau
einer inneren Welt und
das Vermögen, sie an die
äußere zu vermitteln.“
Albert Einstein

„Zu empfinden,
was er sieht,
zu geben,
was er empfindet,
macht das Leben
des Künstlers aus.“
Max Klinger

„Die Farbe hat mich.
Ich brauche nicht
nach ihr zu haschen.
Sie hat mich für immer.
Das ist der glücklichen
Stunde Sinn:
ich und die Farbe sind eins. Ich bin Maler.“
Paul Klee

„I never made a painting
 as a work of art,
 it’s all research.”
Pablo Picasso