„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
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Certificate Expressive Arts
Certificate Advanced Practice CAP
Master of Expressive Arts
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Art as a way of knowing


Every human has the capacity to express through sound, gesture, color, and words and is able to decenter (move away) from a dire strait situation into the exploration of new territories of life through the Arts.

In its various fields of application, the Intermodal Expressive Arts concentrate on the sensual, imaginative and creative abilities of individuals and social communities. Central goal of the Expressive Arts is to stimulate growth and development and to solve problems through artistic activities.

This 16 cp ETCS / 9 months series of seminars focuses on the expressive, methodological and phenomenological foundations and the Menschenbild of the Intermodal Expressive Arts through arts-based explorations, readings, lectures and seminars and counts as Certificate Expressive Arts Facilitation and Module K.
The Program is equivalent Module K, the foundational Module towards the Master of Arts MA in Expressive Arts in cooperation with the European Graduate School EGS.

In an ongoing process oriented approach, the content unfolds as a continuous exploration of and training in the Principles & Practices of the Intermodal Expressive Arts, weaving analogue and digital art –making into the theoretical, methodological and philosophical foundations of the Expressive Arts field.

Expressive Arts themes and methods

• The philosophical and theoretical background of the Expressive Arts
• Poiesis – the Human Capacity to shape
• The Low Skill/High Sensitivity Approach
• Intermodal Decentering IDEC®
• Work-oriented Decentering
• Play oriented Decentering
• Ritual oriented Decentering
• The Architecture of a Session & working within a Frame
• Intermodal Transfer
• Presence, Process & and the Artistic Attitude
• Aesthetic Response and Aesthetic Responsibility
• Aesthetic Analysis
• Harvesting
• Facilitating/Practice and Application

Art Modalities addressed within a low skill/high sensitivity approach

• Expressive Arts oriented Visual Arts: Paining, Collage, Mixed Media
• Expressive Arts oriented Sensory Approaches: Clay, Sculpture, Installation
• Expressive Arts oriented Movement: Expressive Body & Dance
• Expressive Arts oriented Music: Sound, Voice, Improvisation
• Expressive Arts oriented Performance Arts: Embodiment,
   Dramatic Forms, Masks
• Expressive Arts oriented Poetry, Storytelling: Narrative Biography,
   Metaphors, Poetic Language
• Nature Based Expressive Arts & Ecopoiesis

21 Days Online: 9 Seminars/ 1 Day Method specific
individual Consultation /16 cp ETCS

Workload Self Study Presence Time
500 hours 380 hours 120 hours

Guided Self-Study

• Assigned readings
• Lectures (recorded)
• Studio work
• Written reflections/Portfolio
• Nature based Expressive Arts
• Module Exam (M):
Presentation of an Intermodal Artwork


2700 EURO (Payment Plans are available)

REGISTRATION & further information

Expressiveartsberlin (at) web.de


Barbara Hielscher-Witte
CAGS Expressive Arts

Music Therapy Lecturer
Psychotherapy (HPG)
Eurhythmics Diplome
Certified Dalcroze-Teacher
Faculty University
The European Graduate School
Expressive Arts Institute Berlin


Every one is in its own process. Man knows himself only to the extent that he knows the world; He becomes aware of himself only within the world, and aware of the world only within himself. Every object, well contemplated, opens up a new organ of perception within us.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe