„Beratung & Begleitung durch kunstorientierte Prozesse“
Expressive Arts Institute Berlin
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Certificate Expressive Arts
Certificate Advanced Practice CAP
Master of Expressive Arts
Tuition & Fees

Certificate Expressive Arts Advanced Practice CAP
Continuing Education CAP

In person or online participation optional

Grade points average

29 credit points ECTS

Presence time

27 Days/ 9 Seminars

Internship Hours

465 total
250 contact hours
265 hours preparation & documentation


10 hours

Expressive Arts Supervision

30 hours

Method Specific Training

15 hours


600 hours min.

Entrance Qualification

Completion of Module K

The 2nd academic year at the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin continues to build upon the first year with emphasize on Intermodal Expressive Arts theoretical foundations, advanced methodologies and practice project development. It combines the content of the Master Module F and Module P in a comprehensive and practical way.

The Certificate Expressive Arts Advanced Practice CAP is designed to deepen the understanding of Intermodal Expressive Arts and leads in the professional application in various areas. It trains the participants to develop their own Expressive Arts approach and practice and integrate Intermodal Expressive Arts in their field of interest.

The 9 months series of seminars focuses on the theoretical, methodological and phenomenological foundations of the Intermodal Expressive Arts through assigned readings, lectures, theory seminars, project development, case studies, group supervision and intervision, discussions and arts-based explorations.

In an ongoing process oriented approach, the content unfolds as a continuous exploration of and skill training in the practices of the Intermodal Expressive Arts, weaving art –making into the theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of the Expressive Arts field.

Participants will become equipped with tools, skills and deepened knowledge
to incorporate Intermodal Expressive Arts methods into their own scope of practice and develop their own style. CAP furthermore continues to support
and engage participants in their personal and professional growth.

Seminar 1

Introduction Seminar CAP
POIESIS & the phenomenological Menschenbild
Dimensions of the lived experience

Seminar 2

Biography as a resource
Art-analogue & therapeutic relation
Professional communication skills

Seminar 3

Development throughout the Lifespan
Project development & internship
The role of imagination in growth & development

Seminar 4

Embodiment & Somatics
Intervision & Supervision

Seminar 5

Understanding Health & Illness
Case studies
Advisory Group Supervision

Seminar 6

Crisis, developmental and shock trauma
Window of tolerance & polyvagal theory

Seminar 7

Psychopathology & Salutogenesis
Diagnostical assessment from a phenomenological
point of view

Seminar 8

Resilience & Intermodal Expressive Arts
Modifications of EXA according to target groups and process phases

Seminar 9

Professional Ethics
Demonstration session by the participants

In combination with previous Graduate Degrees, the Credits of the Certificate Expressive Arts Advanced Practice CAP can count after completion of the requirements as Modules towards the Master of Arts in Expressive Arts and offer the option to continue with the Master in Expressive Arts MA at the European Graduate School EGS.



Dates 2022/23

09. - 11. September

07. - 09. October

11. - 13. November

16. - 18. December

06. - 08. January

10. - 12. February

10. - 12. March

28. - 30. April

26. - 28. May